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AIM Construction provides services for repair, replacement, and maintenance of many HVAC brands. Choose AIM Construction, and you can feel at ease because our services are delivered by knowledgable, dependable, and trained expert HVAC service technicians.

We provide services for the following HVAC components:

  • Condensing units
  • Chilled water and condenser water pumps
  • Motors and motor starters
  • Rooftop and unitary HVAC
  • Air handlers
  • Fans
  • Pneumatic and digital automation controls
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Air filtration
  • Humidification
  • Refrigerant monitoring

Today’s world of heating and cooling equipment is progressing rapidly. Now, more than ever, your success depends on your equipment’s reliability. Rest assured that AIM Construction’s HVAC repair services are completed on time and accurately. By using AIM Construction for your HVAC maintenance, you’ll have no need to worry about your equipment. We ensure it’s working correctly the first time around.

Based on information you provide, the AIM Construction technician will troubleshoot the problems you describe. Additionally, the technician will go beyond the known problem to uncover other possible problems with your HVAC unit, no matter which brand you have.

If you’re frequently servicing your HVAC unit, consider AIM Construction. You can count on us to solve all your HVAC problems.

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